About us

GARAGE MADE is a precious artistic and musical reality of Umbria., Italy.
Born in 2011 from the passion of Antonio and Valentina. After passing through the chaotic vibes of Milan, GARAGE MADE has found its permanent home in Gubbio: a city that lives between nature, centuries-old traditions and is famous all over the world for its handicrafts.

Once you plug the jack into the amplifier, you will realize that you have the result of years of study, shared love and meticulous attention to detail in your hands.

A son of the province who can make a difference in your art.


His passion for music, and in particular for guitars, was born at an early age.

He approaches guitar making for personal needs, initially experimenting with technical and graphic solutions on his instruments and those of friends.

He begins to attend and collaborate with various professionals in the sector and in 2007 he obtains the diploma of Master Luthier at the Master Violinmakers and Bowmakers school in Gubbio (PG).

He attended refresher and improvement courses, deepening his knowledge of the construction, repair and restoration techniques of bow and stringed instruments.

In 2011 he opened his own workshop, Liuteria Garage Made.



Fascinated by music from an early age, she experimented with various genres and musical instruments, moving from Cuban and Brazilian percussion to cello.

Thanks to the latter, she became passionate about violin making and began to visit the workshop of the master violin maker Giuseppe Quagliano in Jesi (AN).

She therefore decided to continue her studies by enrolling in 2005 at the Master Violin-Bowmakers school in Gubbio (PG), graduating in 2007 officially becoming Master Luthier.

She attended various master classes of restoration and repair of musical instruments under the guidance of illustrious masters such as Adam Whone of London, Paolo Sorgentone and Michele Mecatti of Florence.

She continues focusing on modern luthiery.